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Arrangement of Non-standard Furniture

The Finance Committee has approved the new arrangement for Non-standard Furniture which has come into effect on July 1, 2019.

Purchase of Non-standard Furniture

All requests for purchasing Non-standard Furniture are not required to be routed to the Estates Office for endorsement. Departments are reminded to refer to the guidelines set in the Departmental Financial Administration (DFA) No. 8 before purchase.

Items other than those prescribed Standard Office Furniture as listed in the Scale of Issue in Annex I of DFA No. 8 are deemed as “Non-standard Furniture”.

Disposal of Non-standard Furniture

The handling of unwanted/surplus Non-standard furniture and the approval authority for disposal of Non-standard Furniture is the Administering Authorities of user departments. Hence departments are not required to return their Non-standard furniture to the Estates Office. Submission of disposal requests to the Estates Office for endorsement is not required anymore.

For this coming year, Estates Office will still handle the physical disposal of Non-standard Furniture. However, this arrangement will be subject to review and funding availability.

Please refer to DFA No. 9 for guidelines on disposal of obsolete furniture.

Procedures for Handling Disposal of Non-standard Furniture

Please refer to Estates homepage for details.

For enquiry, please contact Ms Esther Chan of EO Procurement Unit at 3917 6529.

Estates Office
July 2019