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Earth Day 2020: Regeneration on Planet Earth 地球日2020:在地球活著 · 重生

22 Apr 2020 | 12:00
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EARTH DAY 2020 Call for Entries – Earth Day Exhibition: Regeneration On Planet Earth
地球日2020: 展覽作品徵集

In the midst of the pandemic, shoppers swarm stores, stocking supplies for self-preservation. Seemingly comical and absurd scenes make us wonder: what is essential in our lives? Is it face masks for self-protection? Toilet paper for pooping? Beers and cocktails at bars for chilling? Or is it a breath of fresh air, a filled stomach, a healthy body and mind? At this unusual and unprecedented moment, let us reflect and remember, our lives are essentially linked to nature and Planet Earth.

This year, we will #stayathome and celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day and the 2nd anniversary of our Herb Garden. We invite you to submit a creative work for the online exhibition themed “Regeneration On Planet Earth”. Most art forms are welcomed. Selected works will be displayed on our social media platforms. The authors of the 5 most creative works will each be awarded 1 pack of recycled toilet paper!


  • 2-dimensional visual artworks (such as paintings, drawings and photographs): Please upload a photo of your work in high resolution (300 dpi) JPEG format and within 10MB in size. It is not required to submit the actual artwork.
  • Media artworks (such as music, film, animation): The length should be less than 3 minutes. You may upload your video to the hosting websites such as YouTube and Vimeo and provide the video link to us.
  • Writing: Maximum number of words: 300; either in English or Chinese. The file should be sent in MS WORD format.

Submission: Participants can fill in the online form and upload the work.
Submission Deadline: 5 pm, 15/4/2020 (Wed)
All submitted works must be original. Participants may bear the relevant legal liabilities if it involves infringement of copyrights of others.




  • 2D平面作品(包括繪畫、素描、攝影等):無需遞交實體作品,將完成作品之相片以電腦圖檔格式為JPEG及300dpi上傳,大小以10MB為限。
  • 多媒體作品(包括音樂 、影片、動畫等): 長度為3分鐘以內,可上載作品到YouTube 或 Vimeo,只需提供上載作品後的網址。
  • 文字作品 :300字以內,中英均可,以MS WORD格式提交。